Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 5, So Much Win (And a Winning Sweet Snack Recipe)

5 AM
Wake up - Take Catalyst and ProBiotic RESTORE Ultra.

5:30 AM
Mix, sit and enjoy a Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake.

5:45 AM
Mix up a Fruit Punch Spark for the ride into work. Grab lunch (more steak and coleslaw), snacks (almonds, banana), and supplements (Catalyst) for later. Don't forget the gigantic water keg that you carry with you everywhere.

6 AM - 5 PM
Joe said that while he was at work a coworker noticed he had lost weight. Also, he wore the same pair of jeans to work the previous Casual Friday and they were noticeably looser this week. Huge win there because he's always talking about how none of his jeans feel like they fit anymore.

He forgot to take a pouch of Spark for the afternoon, but texted me and told me he felt like he didn't need it anyway. He just feels that great and doesn't need the additional boost in the afternoon. Winning.

5:45 PM
When Joe came home he took his Omega Plex and chowed down on Salmon (seasoned lightly with lemon juice and Bragg's Liquid Aminos, steamed in parchment pouch with sliced onions in the oven at 400) and Broccoli (steamed with garlic and lemon juice). We then packed up the kids and headed to Oak Mountain's Big Fall Festival where we ran into our AdvoMentor Hal and his girls. The kids got to pet a tiny kangaroo, we didn't ride anything (Because tickets a buck each and the ferris wheel costs 6 tickets a person? WHAT?) and we got a huge bag or purple cotton candy that Joe held for Lydie and didn't eat any of. Can you say RESOLVE? All he does is WIN

AWESOME snack (recipe at bottom), Catalyst, Herbal Cleanse Caplets.

Day 5: So Much Win


Frozen PB & Banana Bites

You'll need:
1 Banana
Natural Peanut Butter (no added oils, sugars or salts - -just peanuts -- Would also be good with other nut butters)

-Freeze Banana, at about 3 hours it should be frozen solid, freeze for shorter time if you want a softer treat
-Peel banana and slice in 1/3 inch pieces
-Spread about 1/4 tsp on one slice of banana, top with another slice
-Repeat till finished
-Feel free to eat right away, or freeze for no longer than half an hour (long freezing causes the peanut butter to do strange separatey things -trust me)

This stuff is beyond delicious. The kids had some after their lunch and said it was better than icecream. Perfect for those times that your sweet tooth is yelling at you, but you don't want to cheat. Say it with me... #WINNING