Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 8 - 16, Why I've Been AWOL & What's New

So on Day 8 the Guardians of the Ribbon came to visit my Mama, along with all six of her children, two of their spouses, and every last one of her ELEVEN grandchildren
(+one neice and her ADORBZ little baby boy). You can watch her tell her story right here.

Yeah, and there are still two spouses missing...

Then, on Day 10, Mom had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  So on the following days I have been trucking back and forth to the hospital, or my Mom's house to take care of the dogs and have been beyond distracted from this blog. 

Joe, however, has stayed the course. While he hasn't been blogging up a storm about it, Joe's been trucking right along. He's been sticking to the changes in his diet, making sure he has snacks at work, taking his supplements on time and drinking tons of water. Kind soul that he is, he's even been keeping the kids in evenings and over night sometimes for me while I hung out with Mom in the hospital. 
So here's the deal, since it's been EIGHT STINKING DAYS since I've updated I'll just give you the highlight reel instead of the play by play. Deal? Perfect.

Day 10 was the last day of the cleanse, which means that's the last day Joe took his ProBiotic Restore Ultra, drank his Fiber Drink etc... 

Day 11 marked the very first day of THE MAX PHASE. 
Which means that Days 11-16 looked a lot like this:
5 AM
Wake up, take an MNS Color Packet (Joe is using MNS Max 3, which is comparable to the new MNS 3 -- Pick this option if you want a good balance of appetite control and sustained energy)
Take Catalyst

5:30 AM
Drink your Meal Replacement Shake
Make a Spark, drink that on the way to work.

Sometime between then and lunch
Eat a snack. (Joe usually picks Almonds, an Orange, an Apple, or a Banana)

10:30 (AKA 30 minutes before lunch)
Take your second MNS Color Pack, Take your Catalyst

11 AM
Take both MNS White Packs.
Lunch (Steak and Coleslaw, Steak and Kale, Chicken and Kale... basically, delicious protein + veggies)

Sometime between then and dinner
Eat another snack

5-7 PM
Take your OmegaPlex , eat dinner (just wait until I tell you about this Turkey Meatloaf we made)

Have another snack.
Take your Catalyst

If you're wondering what the heck MNS is...
Magic. It's magic in a handy little vitamin strip pack. This is what comes in MNS 3
Before Breakfast Color Packet

Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
ActoTherm SR – 1 caplet
ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra – 1 capsule

Before Lunch Color Packet

Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
BioTherm – 2 capsules

White Packet

CorePlex® – 3 caplets
CardioQ – 1 capsule

White Packet

OmegaPlex® – 2 softgels

While this is not exactly what's in Joe's (the version he's using is from the previous version MNS MAX 3) it is very similar and it's the currently available version.

The first day Joe started using MNS he had caught a little cold. Usually it'll take Joe at least a couple of days, if not a full week, to kick a cold to the curb. Obviously we can't attribute his practically miraculous recovery ( that basically took all of a day and a half) to MNS - I'm gonna go with Joe's just taking better care of his body in general, so it's stronger and more easily fights off these minor hiccups.

I won't put the number down just yet, but Joe's hopped on the scale a few times and the numbers are looking REALLY good. 

More than that though - - He feels awesome, He looks awesome, &
He has more energy and optimism than I've ever seen him have.

Not so long ago it was the norm that Joe would get home in the afternoons after a long day at work and he'd nap while the kids played and I fixed dinner.That hasn't happened ONCE since he started this challenge.He wakes up in the morning ready for the day, without all the aches and pains he had grown accustom to.He's more productive at work, and work doesn't take all the good parts out of him. He comes home and he's ready to play with the kids, go with us to a fall festival or help me help out at my mom's house. He's sleeping better. His clothes fit better. He looks a lot more like the guy in those pictures I posted in that first blog.

One of the biggest changes has been his significantly improved mood. This may sound odd, but he's been happier. He just feels better on the inside, he feels good about where his life is going and the positive changes he's making and it shows in a big way. Little things that used to get him down in big ways.. they get treated like little things again.

Bottom Line

If you're ready to feel better than you ever have in your life, 
If you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,
If you want to have more of yourself to offer your family & friends,
If you're tired of waiting for something to give ...

Don't you think it's worth it? Don't you think you're worth it?

The best part, is he isn't even finished with the Challenge yet. 

Stay tuned...