Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

So you remember how I told you I made Turkey Meatloaf and it was awesome and Joe actually looked a little sad when he couldn't finish the leftovers in one sitting? Did I happen to tell you how stinking easy it was to make? OR that both of my toddlers, who regularly turn their noses up at new foods until I sing the song from Daniel Tiger, ate it with gusto and even asked for SECONDS?!
Inconceivable, I know. Props to the 24 Day Challenge Facebook group where I got the recipe that I only altered slightly.

Magic Turkey Meatloaf
You'll need:
1 – 1.5 lb 99% Fat Free Turkey Breast
1 egg OR 2 egg whites
¼ cup shredded carrots
½ cup chopped red/white onion
½ cup Old Fashioned Oats (not the quick cooking kind)
½ cup chopped bell pepper (any color green, yellow, orange or red)
Dash of garlic powder
Dash of basil
Dash of Spike (salt free) {I didn't actually remember to add this to my cart- so instead I just added a tiny bit of onion powder, celery seed, dill, ground mustard, turmeric, pepper, coriander, marjoram, oregano, thyme, tarragon, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, and paprika that i mixed all together myself after looking up the ingredients in Spike)

½ cup tomato sauce (No Sugar Added - I found mine at Whole Foods)

- Set your oven to preheat to 350 degrees
- Grease a loaf pan with your choice of healthy oil (I used coconut, because I'm OBSESSED with it) or fat free pan spray
- Mix all of the things, except the tomato sauce, just until it all seems mixed evenly. I highly suggest scrambling the egg if you choose to use the yolk and all.
- Place your mixture in your loaf pan, pat it gently in. Feel free to get fancy and pat a small moat-like line in the middle
- Spoon the tomato sauce over the top, it should easily cover the entire loaf
- Stick your pan in the oven, close the door, go do other things for an hour...