Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 6 & 7, Energizer Bunny Weekend

When we started all this I figured it wouldn't be difficult to stick to the routine during the week, but I knew the weekends might be a different story. We definitely learned a couple lessons Saturday and today. The first is to be sure to plan ahead, otherwise you'll find yourself forgetting the routine or missing a dose of something. The second is that GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY THIS STUFF MAKES JOE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY. 

Saturday (Day 6)

6:30 AM
Joe "slept in". Upon being accosted by adorable toddlers he woke up, took his Catalyst and ProBiotic Restore Ultra.

7 AM
I woke up, because there was talk of going to get breakfast and I was NOT missing out on that.
Joe mixed his Meal Replacement Shake and a Spark.

We piled babies in long sleeves (Because Sudden Alabama Fall) into the car and picked up breakfast. Joe drank his shake and Spark while the kids and I enjoyed some ChickFilA and we took a Saturday morning drive.

9 AM
On our way back home we noticed a bounce house and a ton of fire trucks - JoJo and Lydie could NOT miss this. Impromptu home improvement store kids workshop/fall festival pit stop. Since we stuck around there for about an hour, this is probably why Joe missed his morning snack.  

11:30 AM
We finally got home, Joe took his Catalyst and went to work on lunch. He recreated the Sauteed Kale I had made earlier in the week and had that alongside his routine steak. Y'all just don't even know how fantastic this stuff smells.

2 PM
We piled in the car again and headed to Joe's parents for The Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned (::ahem:: Roll Tide Roll). Immediately upon arriving Joe volunteered to mow their lawn. We all looked at him funny, but he was basically already headed out the door to do it.

3:15 PM
Joe came in from mowing the lawn and almost immediately asked if there was anything else he could do. So. Much. Energy. So his Mama pointed him towards the leaf blower and the driveway.

At some point he finished that and finally came inside. We all witnessed something horrific happen (Seriously though, Drake is injured AND that outcome? For the love...). Joe however enjoyed some mixed berries as his afternoon snack. Once again, he felt no need for a second Spark.

6 PM
Joe made dinner for the whole. His Mama had some boiled chicken that he sliced and threw in the skillet. Then he cooked some fresh broccoli in lime juice and garlic, noting that next time - -a little less lime juice. He also had a small salad with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

8 PM
As we headed home he realized he got so caught up in cooking that he forgot to take his Omega Plex with dinner (even though he had taken it with him). When he got home he took that with his snack (orange).

Catalyst, Herbal Cleanse Tablets.

I don't think we tabulated the water for the whole day, but by 1 pm he had already had almost 110oz, and with all that yard work he didn't slow down, so I doubt he was under budget on his water consumption.

Sunday (Day 7)

7 AM
I have no idea when Joe woke up because he graciously took care of Jojo who woke up screaming at an hour that was still dark. But when I woke up Joe had already taken Catalyst and his ProBiotic Restore Ultra.
Lydie and I made muffins, Joe drank his Meal Replacement Shake and told Lydie not to worry, he wouldn't eat all her muffins because they weren't part of his challenge.

Lydie is big into cheering Daddy on during this. She tells him all about how healthy he's going to be and reminds him to do a good job. It's completely fitting since the child wants to be an Alabama cheerleader "when she's grown".

9 AM
We hop in the car, Spark in hand, to head to church where Pastor Chris did not preach about whether or not eyebrows are considered facial hair ( He actually spoke of essentials for relationships, but especially familial ones).

10:50 AM
We drove back over to Poppa and Mimi's house for family lunch. This is when Joe probably should have had his mid-morning snack, but alas -- lack of planning.

While the rest of us enjoyed Mimi's lovely Sunday Roast Beef, Joe enjoyed chicken that he sauteed with a special no salt seasoning blend and asparagus seasoned similarly.

1:30 PM
Joe, still overflowing with energy, volunteered himself to load up Poppa's truck with the lawn mower and ride over to his brother's house to mow their lawn (they've just moved here from ATL!) and help him do yard work. The kids and I hung out and took naps.

5 PM
Joe returns, still energetic and sweetly bearing s'more ingredients per Lydie's request.
After enjoying a salad (romaine lettuce, sweet peppers, baby cucumbers) topped with leftover chicken from lunch and the same homemade balsamic vinaigrette (+Omega Plex), he built a fire and we all headed outside for marshmallow roasting.
Seriously people, he is so on task it's not even funny. He got covered in marshmallow melty goodness and HE WASHED HIS HANDS INSTEAD OF LICKING THEM.

7 PM
As a twist on our previous sweet snack, I mashed a frozen banana and added a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. MOCK DELICIOUS ICECREAM.

8:30 PM
We came home, he took his last dose of Herbal Cleanse Caplets and another dose of Catalyst, sat and waited for me to write this post, and now...

We're going to bed.