Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Last Days (Of Joe's Challenge, Not the World)

Days 17 through 24 have honestly blurred together. Part of that is this awful cluster headache that I'm finally on the other end of, but mostly it's become much less of a Challenge. It's all part of the routine now.

One highlight of the last days was our trip to Full Moon. For those of you who don't live in the Birmingham area, Full Moon is basically the greatest barbecue place ever. They fancy themselves (and rightly so) "The Best Little Pork House in Alabama". Not exactly on my list of places that I would assume has anything 24 Day Challenge friendly. We were, however, pleasantly surprised to discover that their Smoked Turkey is totally within the guidelines, and totally delicious. We haven't been out to eat anywhere else during the challenge, so the kids were super excited to go get some of their favorite food and that Daddy got to come to! Rather than order just an entree we went ahead and ordered an entire pound of the turkey to take home. The kind folks at Full Moon were also kind enough to prepare steamed broccoli sans salt for Joe as well, no hassle at all.

As we move on after the Challenge, I'm really not sure if all that much will change. It hasn't felt all that much like a challenge lately. We've pretty much just adjusted our routine and the guidelines aren't even that difficult to abide by anymore. Joe's still gonna have a Meal Replacement shake for breakfast because he's like in love with them or something. He'll be continuing with MNS 3, because he feels so fantastic on it. Quite honestly, I'm not sure I've seen him feel this good ever.
And obviously he and I both will continue using Spark. The next tub headed our way is Mango Strawberry, one of our favorites.

I do know that Joe has been thinking about pizza for a few weeks and Lydie just very badly wants to celebrate all of Daddy's hard work. 

Can't disappoint Daddy's little girl, now can we?

PS- Look out for a results post after Joe gets home from work!